Calendar of Events & Term Dates

We have lots of events and dates for your diary coming up. New dates will be added as they become available so please check this page regularly. At the bottom of the list of dates are the term dates for your information too.

  • 4th June       INSET Day
  • 5th June       Everyone back at school
  • 5th June       Junior Music Festival Rehearsal
  • 5th June       Reading Gladiator Day
  • 11th June      Yr 5 to Hanningfield
  • 12th June     Yr 4 walk to Corringham
  • 14th June     Class and Team Photographs
  • 15th June     PSA Quiz Night
  • 19th June    Yr 2 to Chafford Gorge
  • 21st June     FS and KS1 Discos
  • 25th June    SRE meeting for Year 5 and 6 parents
  • 27th June    Sports Day
  • 28th June    KS2 Discos
  • 2nd-6th July  Year 6 Transition week
  • 2nd July      Meeting for Year 4 parents re Year 6 Residential trip
  • 10th July     Junior Music Festival
  • 11th July      Gable Hall Roadshow
  • 11th July      Display Evening
  • 12th July     Reserve Sports Day
  • 13th July     Yr 6 Disco run by parents
  • 13th July    Reports out to parents
  • 17th July    Giffards Got Talent Yr 6 show
  • 19th July    Yr 6 BBQ
  • 20th July   Break up for Summer

Term dates for 2017/18 are available here  and for 2018/19 are here.  These generally follow Thurrock Council‘s dates but as an academy we can alter the term dates if we feel this would be of benefit so please ensure that always check our final term dates before booking any breaks. as break.

For the academic year 2017/18 the training days agreed are Monday 4th September 2017, Tuesday 5th September 2017, Wednesday 3rd January 2018, Friday 25th May 2018 and Monday 4th June 2018.

For the academic year 2018/19 the training days agreed are Tuesday 4th September 2018, Thursday and Friday 3rd and 4th January, Friday 24th May and Monday 3rd June 2019.

This means that although staff will be in school the children do not attend on those days.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.