Financial Information

Published on this page are financial details of Giffards Primary School. The accounts include confirmation that one employee has a gross annual salary including benefits (ie pension contributions made by the academy) of between £100,000 – £110,000 in 2021/22

Financial Statements

Annual Accounts 2021-22

Scheme of Delegation 2022-23

Link to DfE Schools Benchmarking site


Annual Accounts 2020-21

Annual Accounts 2019-20

Annual Accounts 2018-19

Annual Accounts 2017-18

Annual Accounts 2016-17

Annual Accounts 2015-16

Annual Accounts 2014-15 (long period 03/04/2014 to 31/08/2015)


Legal Documents

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Funding Agreement

Catch Up Plan

Catch Up Funding Spending Plans 2021+22

Pupil Premium

Giffards Pupil Premium plan 2022+23 and review of 2021+22 plan

Pupil Premium spending plan  2021-2022

Pupil Premium evaluation of spending 2020+21

Pupil Premium spending plan 2020+21

Pupil Premium report spending and  evaluation of 2019-20

 Pupil Premium spending and analysis 2018-19

Sports Premium

PE sports premium 2022-2023

Sports premium plan evaluation 2021-22

21+22 Sport premium spending plan

Sport premium plan evaluation of spending 2020-21

20+21 sport premium spending plan

Sports Premium spending and evaluation 2019/20 inc analysis of swimming ability

Sports Premium spending and analysis 2018-19