Please click here for details of the range of clubs including times and where to drop the children off/collect them that are currently running at Giffards, either by staff, volunteers or outside agencies. We employ a Sports Teacher and we have a wide variety of sports clubs for the children, all at no charge. The Sports Clubs this term can be booked online via this link.

Please note that to ensure continued safety for pupils and staff the back and side gates will be locked daily at 3.30pm so if your child stays for a club please collect them by entering by the front of the school.

Could we remind parents that if you have queries about the clubs run by outside agencies (e.g. Yoga) you should ring them direct on the numbers below. Please note it is the Agency’s responsibility to contact all parents if the clubs are cancelled. However, if a club is cancelled and no-one arrives to meet a child, the child should under no circumstances go home alone. They MUST go to the office as there is no guarantee that there will be anyone at home when they get there.

Current internal club application forms for music clubs are available from the main office; please pop in to collect as needed.


Contact details

Contact Details for Yoga – Valeria 07811 152513

Contact details for Phoenix Karate – 01268 681927

Contact details for Evans Academy of Dance – Keiley Evans 07393 395161

Other clubs may be run on a seasonal basis, including rugby, athletics and science, so please check this page regularly for updates.